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Abortion comprehensive assignment - Essay Example

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According to a research carried out in the United States of America approximately, “More than 40% of all women will end a pregnancy by abortion at some time in their…
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Abortion comprehensive assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Some people from the section term abortion as murder, or killing of the innocent soul. According to the medical experts, “An abortion is when the pregnancy is ended so that it does not result in the birth of a child. Sometimes this is called termination of pregnancy.”
Abortion in the United States has been going on for centuries; unwanted pregnancies have been in existence for very many years and in one way or the other such pregnancies were eliminated. Before the18th century women carried out abortion at will as there were no laws that restricted or barred the women from doing so. Due to the lack of any specific laws so many women carried out abortions that some states started coming up with laws to restrict abortions.
The first law was the Connecticut statute 1821 the statute prohibited the use of “toxic substances to cause miscarriage.” Soon afterwards other states followed New York law in 1829. After the New York law various states came up with laws that punished the abortion providers, restricted abortions and at times punishing women seeking to carry out abortions. The first ever United States Federal law to be enacted was the Comstock Law of 1873. The law allowed a special postal agent to open mails suspected to contain abortion or contraceptive. The main aim for the law was to suppress the circulation of “obscene materials”
From the year 1900 up to1960s, abortions were outlawed. As a result many women turned to unsafe abortion. In the year 1965 a total of 265 deaths were reported to have taken pace as a result of unsafe abortions. New York as well as California reported complications with 20% being as a result abortions. As a result of the numerous deaths associated with unsafe abortions, a series of cases were taken to the Supreme Court and some women were granted the right to carry out abortions (Solodnikov, 2011).
During the great depression that took place in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Abortion Comprehensive Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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