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The Idea Behind All Power to The Soviets - Essay Example

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The discussion made in this essay "The Idea Behind All Power to The Soviets" critically explores the meaning and implication of Lenin’s statement ‘all power to the Soviets’ and draw a major critical assessment of the arguments underpinning the meaning of the statement…
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The Idea Behind All Power to The Soviets
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Download file to see previous pages In relation to the viewpoint of Trotsky in ‘Results and Prospects’ identified in the ‘Preface to the Re-Issue of this Work,’ the uprising characters in the Russian Revolution was the most prominent question in terms of forming ideological trends and building a strong movement group upholding the political organizations in the movement. The uprising character in the Russian Revolution had also stirred towards serious contentions from the perspective of social-democratic movement, which further turned into a practical character. Kautsky also realizes that the differences amidst the uprising characters and disagreements of the social-democratic movements had shaped two central movement trends, namely the Menshevism and Bolshevism. In relation to the viewpoint of Menshevism, the revolution was being shaped as a bourgeois movement by transferring adequate power to the bourgeoisie and form conditional aspects for ‘parliamentarism’ of the bourgeois. On the other hand, in a Bolshevism standpoint, the strong establishment of the democratic republic through proletariat and peasantry dictatorship was the prominent object in the form of ‘all power to the Soviets.’ The Bolshevism viewpoint regarding the statement is formed due to the inability of the bourgeois as the uprising character in the revolution. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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