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Most of the American citizens preferred the two party system over other systems used in other countries. The two parties in the American politics are The Republic and Democratic. Although the system has…
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Two Party System
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The Two Party System The two party system has been applied for more than a century in America. Most of the American citizens preferred the two party system over other systems used in other countries. The two parties in the American politics are The Republic and Democratic. Although the system has been successfully used in American politics, many people are concerned with its effectiveness and its benefits. Large number of people have developed negative opinions towards the two-party system in the last three decades. People are demanding for reforms in the two-party system for efficient and competitive political environment in America (Walker 1).
The two-party system in American politics has created both opportunities and constraints. The two party system creates a number of opportunities. First, the two party system in America is among the most stable political systems in the world. Under the two-party system, the United States has been peaceful and politically stable as opposed to countries with the multi-party system. Secondly, the system is simple and easy for the voters to select their leaders. Voters in the United States only require following the manifestos and strategies of the two parties and choose their leaders under the two parties. The two- party system creates simplicity in understanding, following and voting leaders for the two parties (Janda et al. 23).
However, the two party system being exercised in the U.S. creates more constraints than opportunities. For instance, the two party system limits the choice and options of the American voters in the process of selecting their leaders. Unlike in the multiparty system, voters in the two party system are restricted to choose or vote their leaders from only two parties. For this reason, other potential leaders who may be more efficient and appropriate than the selected ones lack opportunity to be selected in the general elections. Secondly, the system is slowly killing democracy in the U.S. People in America are guided by the opinions and decisions made by leaders from either Republic or Democratic parties. The limitation of opinions, options, and decisions leads to marginalization of some people. The system has led to poor governance and lack of accountability among the elected leaders. Although leaders are found to be unaccountable of public finances, their political parties support them, thus increasing the level of corruption and unaccountability in the U.S (Janda et al. 23).
The founding of the American politics had various perceptions of political parties. For instance, President George Washington despised the idea of establishing political parties and encouraged people to adopt discussions among themselves. According to President Washington’s farewell speech, political parties were harmful to the people, and they were the worst enemies of the people. In addition, Washington referred the idea of forming political parties as a formal and permanent despotism that would lead to miseries and disorders. Formation of parties would also destroy the public liberty. In addition, John Adams viewed formation of political parties as the greatest political evil that would result into division of the republic nation (Hofstadter 27).
The perception of a permanent two-party system in the United States has eventually been accepted as legitimate by political leaders. The constitution of United States recognizes the two-party systems as the legal and governing political system in the country. In 1787, the constitution described parties as factions acting in the interests of the individuals rather than the common good. However, the constitution was changed, and political parties were included in the Constitution in the 19th century (Hofstadter 19).
The political system in United States should undergo reforms into the multiparty system. Although the multiparty system will result in the division of people in opinions and perceptions, it is important to encourage democracy. Reforms to the multiparty system will also ensure that the minorities are considered and get the opportunity to be elected. In addition, reforms in the political system will ensure that leaders are accountable and effective in their leadership. Lastly, reforms will enable the citizens to choose leaders from a wide spectrum as opposed to the two party systems.
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