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Multiparty systems are not necessarily more representative than the two-party system in the United States. The two-party system that is operational in the United States represents the entire U.S population well enough and the multiparty systems would be supplement to requirements…
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US government: Multiparty systems and two-party system
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US Government Multiparty systems are not necessarily more representative than the two-party system in the United s. The two-party system thatis operational in the United States represents the entire U.S population well enough and the multiparty systems would be supplement to requirements. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are the two parties that make up the two-party system in the United States and they represent the different categories of the people in the United States and so there is no need for the introduction of multi-party systems. There are countries that operate under the multi-party systems and at the end of the day the election race is usually between two or three parties. Hence, the other parties in the multi-party system just make up the number rather than make any meaningful impact in the elections. Countries like Nigeria that recently had their elections had over thirty parties registered and there were just two to four parties that dominated the race. Thus, the two-party system in the United States is more representative than the multiparty systems as it represents the two opposite ideologies in the country which are liberal and conservative (Schmidt et al., 2009). There are other factors that would make it difficult for Texas to adopt a convention system of nominating candidates apart from the GOP dominance and some of these factors shall be explained in this paragraph. One of the factors that would make it difficult for Texas to adopt a convention system for nominating candidates is that it could make the candidates that were not selected by the process to be disinterested in the politics of the state and these could actually reduce the strength of the parties in Texas. One other factor that would make it difficult for Texas to adopt a convention system of nominating candidates is in the fact that it could lead to political aspirants forming factions and caucuses like was operational in the twentieth century. The convention system might produce a candidate that the people of Texas would have loved to vote for and the implication of this is that it could lead to voters’ apathy (Schmidt et al., 2009). If there are uniform voting and election laws across the United States of America, it would definitely increase the turnout of voters. If there is anything that the citizens of the United States of America are known for, it is in their adherence to the laws of their country. Thus, institutionalizing laws on voting and elections would make more people turnout for the elections. This is not to say that the election and voting laws would make the people vote for the best candidate, but it would only make them to vote due to the fact that they have been compelled by the law to do so. Rather than making these elections and voting laws, the U.S authority should make voting a matter of choice and not by force as it would make the interested ones to vote in the best candidate for the public office (Schmidt et al., 2009). There have been different reports that the current polling-place system is fraudulent as people claim that the system is susceptible to certain manipulations. I actually believe that the chances of voting fraud in the a mail-in voting system are lesser than the polling-place system if the right things are put in place in order to ensure the security of the voting process in the a mail-in voting system. The a mail-in voting process would give the citizens the privilege to monitor the voting process themselves and they would even have the estimate of the results before the final results and the winners of the elections are announced instead of waiting for the announcement of the results by the election officials or monitoring the developments in the news in the current polling-place system. Thus, if the right things are done to ensure adequate security in the mail-in voting system, it would be less fraudulent than the current polling-place system (Schmidt et al., 2009). Reference Schmidt, S.W., Shelley, M.C., Bardes, B.A., Maxwell, W., & Crain, E. (2009). American Government & Politics Today. Central Texas College 2009-2010 Edition. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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