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Assess security risks to Georgia (Republic of) - Essay Example

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Numerous civil security risks between 1918 and 1921 like neglect of minority groups, natural calamities, human security, or corruption were forgotten or not given much attention (Jones, 2014). The…
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Assess security risks to Georgia (Republic of)
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Download file to see previous pages Georgia was not important to them because it does not serve their national interests. International groups like the League of Nations and Second Socialist International, that are supportive of Georgia’s goal to create a social democracy and are responsible for promoting and preserving peace all over the world, were not strong enough to stop the plans of the Soviet Union to break the independence of Georgia through force (He & Feng, 2012). This essay analyses security risks of Georgia.
The politics in Caucasus was not good and harmful to Georgia. The military of Georgia, who were not united, not trained, and have very few resources, were always involved in battles, like border fights and civil wars. These battles showed the problems of Georgia’s national security. And these national security problems were worsened by lack of economic help from other countries, lack of revenues, unskilled public servants, bad communication and transportation, and very hard economic problems (MacFarlane, 2012). Georgia is still in a very difficult situation in terms of security because it has to give information or warnings about security risks without stopping or badly affecting the economy. Creating a strong economy and democracy in a weak or risky country is a main problem for Georgia.
While Georgia tries to build democracy, the risk of regional conflict or problem affects all over Georgia and could be made happen by some happenings. This could be one more Russian military attack because of preventing a possible Georgian attack on the occupied South Ossetia and Abkhazia, helping Russian minority groups, giving supplies to Russian military headquarters in Armenia, or fighting terrorism (CSIS, 2006). Russia is being ready to get involved its military in the South Caucasus if fighting occurred in facilities with nuclear weapons from Iran. The reason ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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