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Are ETF are threat to the asset management industry - Essay Example

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Business organizations at present rely on the existence of funds and assets that remain to impose power into their system of operation. These assets may include monetary funding, machineries and equipments that serve as particular capital investment that assures the organization of a continuous flow of profit within the business as they struggle the long tail of competition of whatever particular industry they are joined with.
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Are ETF are threat to the asset management industry
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Download file to see previous pages The idea is that the stocks are repeatedly sold while the capital funds of the company continuously increase. Basically, the process is simple and managing the financial resource of the organization is not that hard to accomplish. No matter, the emergence of ETF or the exchange traded fund has increased the chances of doubting the capability of financial managing personnel to handle the competition in selling and re-establishing stocks in comparison with that of the marketability of the ETFs that are introduced in the world of business at present. 1
In this regard, this study shall further investigate the truths behind the intuitive sense of dealing with monetary issues and management among business operations today and how ETFs affect this particular process of financial control procedures. Through seeing how ETFs actually proceeded to affect business funding and marketing, it is expected that this study would be able to see the direct threat or non-threat that ETFs may have on business fund management procedures used today by proprietors of modern commerce.
Cash flow in the business industry is a very important matter to consider. This especially involves huge organizations that are funded through financial investments from their primary stock holders. With profit getting higher, the level of benefit that the administrative party and the investors party receive form the business operations increase as well. It could not be denied then that effectively managing business monetary fund among business organizations is one of today's most important matters of consideration when the talk about business and finance is being tackled.
TO be able to manage monetary fund effectively, many financial experts today continue to develop different approaches to the said procedure. Being able to provide the parties involved [the stakeholders] with the monetary values that they deserve to receive as part of the business organization is what is most cared for. Selling stocks is one of the effective approaches used by business finance managers of different business operations at present. Stocks are noted as particular monetary assets owned by investors to which the foundation of any particular business is based on. With the increased amount of stock fund invested in a particular business entity, the capital of the entire organization increases as well. This is how stock is that important to well established organizations at present. They particularly see stock ownership as a huge security blanket for their businesses in case any particular financial problems arise in the future.
Dealing with these issues of monetary control has practically given birth to the existence of monetary management industry. This industry basically aims to continue giving secure assurance for the assets of business organizations present in the industry at present2. Through this, the owners of businesses are assured that they are protected by securities and other organizations that are providing such assured options of being protected from bankruptcy. Considerably, the birth of the different options of financial security programs offered to primary business stock holders have grown especially during these financial trying times that is currently ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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