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Morgenthau and Mearsheimer - Essay Example

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The U.S had already designated the Syrian government as a culprit even before the UN team has arrived there. The US government especially the current president surprised many for his move. First and foremost for any…
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Morgenthau and Mearsheimer
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Extract of sample "Morgenthau and Mearsheimer"

Morgenthau and Mearsheimer The attack of the U.S on Syria violates international law. The U.S had already designated the Syrian government as a culprit even before the UN team has arrived there. The US government especially the current president surprised many for his move. First and foremost for any country to go to war against another country, use form or bomb it must get authority from the U.S Congress and the UN charter. The US is bound by both the US Constitution and the UN Charter, however in this case the US ignores the authority of the UN charter. In fact the UN charter has specified in the two ways of when to use force. One is self-defense and another way to use force is by going to the security council of UN and get the majority of nine to agree to use force. Before the US was allowed to use force against the Syria it was asked to ascertain whether for sure the chemical weapon are still in Syria. Instead the parliamentarians decided to relay on YouTube evidence and the interpretation of the experts on what was seen there.
Han Joachim Morgenthau was one of the most influential political thinker and realist thinker of all times. Realists opposed the way saying the war will only push them to make more chemical ways so at to retaliate. However the neorealist who think that the US has the strongest military thought that attacking Syria, they will respond to the fall of Saddam and know that they are next on the list. It is unlike, John Mearsheimer who is a leading supporter of neorealism, (Warren,and Ingvild p58). He places the principal which prominences security competition among superior powers within the revolution of the international system. He does not put emphasis on the human nature of diplomats and statesmen. Neorealism does not go a good job at all, because the state uses its power to oppress other. It is focused on structures alone and nothing else. Neorealism is based on assumptions and not the ongoing argument. Unlike realism, that considers human nature and structures. Even if Syria used the chemical weapon against its civilians, most people argue that US had no moral obligation to lead the crusade against Syria.
Work cited
Warren, Aiden, and Ingvild Bode. Governing the Use-of-Force in International Relations: The Post 9/11 Us Challenge on International Law. , 2014. Internet resource. Read More
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