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When the leader shows mild anxiety, this usually acts as a signal that there is need to focus more attention on something. A sudden flood of anger shifts the attention of the leader from the more important…
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Handling Conflict
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LEADERSHIP STRATEGY Emotions and moods could have real consequences for getting work done. When the leader shows mild anxiety, this usually acts as a signal that there is need to focus more attention on something. A sudden flood of anger shifts the attention of the leader from the more important things. For example, if a leader hears that one of the senior executive has engaged in sexual harassment, he ends up directing all his energy from the normal concerns such as improving the normal efforts to eliminate harassment (Goleman, Boyatzis, & McKee, 2013).
Several discoveries have been made in an attempt to improve leadership strategies. It has been noted that the more optimism on the top management team leads to cooperation among workmate. Working together leads to better company results. Good leaders never lose sight of the ultimate goal, and focus all their energy on short-term objectives. When a leader fails to focus his/her attention on the short-term goals, the organization fails because of the imminent lack of momentum to reach the long-term goals that would ensure its survival. Leading with passion helps maintain the vision because when a person does something because he likes doing it. It becomes so easy to accomplish tasks (Perkins, Holtman, Kessler, & McCarthy, 2000).
When a leader proves to be too nice to his subjects, the result is a lack of unity and respect. Therefore, the team he is working with performs poorly (Perkins, Holtman, Kessler, & McCarthy, 2000). The leader focuses the setting of the goals on the strength of his team. Focusing goals on strengths ensures that the goals are achieved. Lack of mentors and coaches makes the team inexperienced. A good relationship acts as the foundation of the company.
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