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Organizational Communication/Conflict Management (Scenerio Driven) - Case Study Example

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She has strong leadership qualities and all her co-workers look up to her. She dominates conversations with them and expresses strong viewpoints on most matters. Although she is a good worker, her dominating personality has caused…
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Organizational Communication/Conflict Management (Scenerio Driven)
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"Organizational Communication/Conflict Management (Scenerio Driven)"

Download file to see previous pages In a few minutes she appears in my office and said, “Your production change won’t work”. This paper critically evaluates the above case on the basis of Organizational Communication/Conflict Management and proposes certain solutions for the above scenario.
Organizational theories talked volumes about leadership qualities and its necessities in the current organizational world. Even though leadership is a good quality, at times it may causes problems to others; especially to the superiors and co-workers. For example, in the given case, Nikita is trying to dominate everything and her words, “Your production change won’t work” is a clear indication of her dominating mentality. The above words do mean a lot to me as a manager. It warns me that Nikita deliberately trying to dominate me. She wanted to prove that she is smarter than me and in an organizational setup, the deliberate effort for outsmarting the superior, cannot be considered as a good leadership quality.
Secondly, Nikita’s deliberate actions creating indirect problems to the co-workers. She is trying to prove that others cannot function effectively without seeking advices or guidance from her. Moreover, other workers may lose confidence in their abilities and may develop the habit of seeking advices from Nikita for everything. They will remain idle if Nikita is absent and will damage their prospects of advancement in their careers. The interference of Nikita everywhere, prevented other workers from thinking creatively and contributing to the company. They will look for Nikita every time when a new problem arises rather than trying to solve it themselves.
The major causes of conflicts in organizations are with respect to scarce resources, technology, change, and difficult people. In the given case the cause of conflict is the difficult worker, Nikita. Even the proven strategies failed in Nikita’s case which shows the necessity of specially devised strategies in Nikita’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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