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Without positive freedom, it is impossible to lead a valuable life. Do you agree - Essay Example

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The term positive freedom can be defined as the right or capacity of people with their free will able to determine the measure of their own actions, especial in the environment which they free to develop harness their full potential. Although, the individual might only enjoy…
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Without positive freedom, it is impossible to lead a valuable life. Do you agree
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Extract of sample "Without positive freedom, it is impossible to lead a valuable life. Do you agree"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it is true that valuable life might not be achieved in absence of positive freedom, people need to choose the course of their life and destiny without restrictions, freedom is essential also where individual potential is harnessed for the benefit of the whole society although in the process of enjoying this freedom care should be taken to make sure that other peoples liberty is not violated. In the process of enjoying positive freedom equity in opportunity must be regulated or observed, state may intervene to enforce equity and root out other social evils due to positive freedom (Raz, 1988).
In a nutshell, complete absence of positive freedom leads to bad and impossible valuable life because every individual wants to operate in an environment which they feel free not intimidating surroundings, this will increase their productivity that in return improve the living condition and life at large for the whole society. A society that feels able to function without interruption although certain aspects must be observed as mentioned above (MacCallum, 1967).
Positive freedom acts as an inner driving force in individuals. This equates and augers well autonomy. At the same time, autonomy many a time equates with several aspects that include individuality, integrity, and freedom of the will, responsibility, and critical reflection. In the same way, factors like self-knowledge, independence, freedom from compulsion, lack of external causation and self assertion play vital roles in perpetuating positive freedom. Different people have got varied notions about the steps that others should take to shape their lives. This is because individuals get involved in activities that portray absence of good morals. It has forced researchers to attempt to identify standing reasons that lie behind dissimilar nature of crimes that individuals commit.
Even for all their attempts, the researchers are not able to impose their findings about criminology and its associated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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