How do you measure political corruption, and what are the difficulties involved - Assignment Example

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This illegal act is directly related with the duties of the government officials. This act involves the influence of trading. The forms of political corruption may vary…
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How do you measure political corruption, and what are the difficulties involved
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Download file to see previous pages Another important form of this type of corruption is extortion. Here the political persons get involves in various criminal offences for acquiring property, money etc from an individual or institution through illegal means. Political corruption depends on the jurisdiction and country. The practice of political funding differs from places to places. In some places considered as legal and in some places are considered as illegal. In many places government officials have indefinite powers. There the distinction between illegal and legal power is difficult. Institutional corruption is also included in political corruption. The problem of corruption in institute which is associated with the economic support from the government officials who have different interest related with the institution. Political corruption has a negative effect on the good governance and democracy of the country. It reduces the accountability in legislature and election. Corruption in politics hampers the representation process in policy making. Political corruption also leads in the compromising the rule of laws. This type of corruption often occurs at the higher levels of the state which a strong impact on politics. Political corruption leads to the improper use and resources misallocation. It influences the political system and government institutions. As a result institutional decay is a common phenomenon in this type of corruption. It is a deviation from ethical code of conduct and written legal norms by the ruling political party. The ruler systematically abuses the rules and regulations of the state to fulfil their personal gains. It is also perceived as an ignorance of principles and rational legal values of the state. The legal base of many authoritarian countries is weak. This helps to grow political corruptions and subjects to the downfall of their political system.
Moral, ethical and normative standard are the necessary benchmarks to differentiate legitimacy from legality in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Do You Measure Political Corruption, and What Are the Difficulties Assignment.
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