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Government corruption in Africa - Research Paper Example

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The discussion seeks to answer the questions: In what Nature does corruption exists in Africa? Why did corruption develop at a higher pace in Africa than the rest of the world? Why has the process of combating corruption become a tuff task in Africa?…
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that corruption exist s in all parts of the globe, in evolving and also in developed countries. In latest years, there has been a significant rise in the devotion given to corruption. This has been triggered by a number of reasons. The first one is due to the rise in criminal cases related to corruption in industrialized countries. The second reason is due to an increase in awareness of the expenses of corruption all over the world. Thirdly is in line for the political and also the economic alterations which most nations are experiencing. Corruption in Africa is a growth impediment. African nations are not able to tolerate the price of corruption that hinders growth and also reduces the capability of government to diminish poverty. Corruption therefore has become a core enemy of economy and development in most of African countries. Corruption has spread like storm all over post-independence Africa for more than 4 decades. There is absolutely no country all over the continent that has not been affected by this disease. They are either affected to a greater or lesser degree by the corruption virus. Since political independence, the foul of gross mismanagement of national economies and raiding of national treasuries for deposit in European and also offshore bank accounts became the tendency in most countries of Africa. In October 2006, the head of the World Bank disclosed that Nigeria executives had stolen an amount of more than 300 billion dollars of their nation’s wealth over the last forty years. But the issue is not just limited to a few bad apples through. Corruption is not just pervasive but also a key part of the social material of life. For those at the lower and end part of the society, like humble civil servant, the sale of limited power they possess is practically their only means of survival. Higher up force is one of the major ways of enrichment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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