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Any project initiated has the primary goal of improving the well-being of the nation or region by providing a solution to the current problem. Hence, Keystone Pipeline project aims at…
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Ethics Final Paper
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Opinion on Keystone Pipeline project The keystone pipeline project is a noble idea that will bring many benefits to the region. Any project initiated has the primary goal of improving the well-being of the nation or region by providing a solution to the current problem. Hence, Keystone Pipeline project aims at bringing goodies by creating employment for the locals and the whole nation and increasing energy independence. Besides, it will promote economic growth in the region since the oil is one of the sources of energy, which investors require putting up plants (Figueiredo and Brent 8). Therefore, the Keystone Pipeline project will be of importance upon its completion. However, the challenge of the project lies with its side effects to the locals and to the environment.
The keystone pipeline project entails transportation of oil from the extraction site to the storage facilities, hence passing through many regions before reaching final destination. Therefore, it has many disadvantages based on its environmental degradation in the areas. Similarly, the process of extracting oils is very difficult and risky to the locals in cases measures are not placed to curb any uncertainty that may arise (Figueiredo and Brent 8). Hence, many factors require consideration before embarking on the project. Accommodating different players involved will be crucial in the management of the project and reducing the negative impacts associated with it. One of the key people for the successful implementation of this project are engineers who have different function.
One of the roles of engineers is to conduct an environmental assessment to evaluate all the claims that might hinder the implementation of the project (Figueiredo and Brent 8). It is true that oil pipelines are hazardous, especially when they break and leak into the environment. Their impacts are always immense and make people oppose them whenever they hear about their construction. Therefore, engineers must conduct an environmental assessment to determine risk and mitigation measures.
Secondly, engineers have a role of informing the community where the pipeline is to be constructed on the benefits of the projects. They also need to know the risk involved and their duties for the success of the project (Figueiredo and Brent 8). This will be essential since it will give the locals an opportunity to contribute and participate in the construction of the projects. Creating awareness to the surrounding communities is critical to the implementation of any project since it becomes inclusive, and people have to give their input for its success (Figueiredo and Brent 8).
Thirdly, engineers have to develop a policy that accounts for ethics and values on the site of the pipeline. Every community has values that they appreciate and identifies themselves. In many cases, construction companies or engineers ignore the values of communities making them resist, or in some occasions stall the project (Figueiredo and Brent 8). Therefore, it is necessary for engineers to develop policies, which they will use in considering al ethical values and behaviors to promote the implementation of the project.
In conclusion, Keystone Pipeline project is a critical project that will bring social and economic benefit to the region. It will increase employment and energy independence, which is essential for the development. However, it poses a danger because of its environmental impact owing to the nature of petroleum products. Hence, engineers must conduct an environmental risk assessment to determine any threat the project may pose. Similarly, they must develop a policy for inclusion of the locals and respect to their ethical values.
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Figueiredo, F. Cristina, and Brent Kitson. "Defining Risk And Contingency For Pipeline
Projects." AACE International Transactions (2009): RISK.08.1-RISK.08.10 Read More
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