The Evil of Animal Rights - Essay Example

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The purpose of the current essay is to summarize the article titled ‘Evil of Animal "Rights"' written by Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook. The authors argue that the animal rights activists are evil in trying to block medical experiments on animals…
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The Evil of Animal Rights
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Extract of sample "The Evil of Animal Rights"

Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook’s article d ‘Evil of Animal "Rights,"’ is very convincing and effective in trying to appeal to the emotions and logic of the targeted audiences to share their ideas. The authors argue that the animal rights activists are evil in trying to block medical experiments on animals on the guise of promoting ethical issues pertaining to animal rights. The authors use different rhetorical techniques to support their thesis and I find these convincing.
More often than not, scientists discover different medicines through conducting experiments on animals to see if they are effective. However, animal rights activists harbouring agendas known to themselves are doing everything to scuttle this noble initiative that can go a long way in improving the health of people if scientists are given the green light to continue carrying out experiments that are meant to discover new medicines. The authors argue that these activists are comprised of a group of terrorists called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) and it targets individuals associations or any organization with links to Huntington which is responsible for carrying scientific experiments on animals for medicinal purposes. These terrorists instead use violence and their actions are evil than what they purport to represent.
The animal rights activists claim that the animals have rights that are equal to men hence they should not be killed for any purpose. However, the widely accepted argument is that man has control over animals and can use them for his benefit. The authors use rhetorical tools such as pathos where they try to appeal to the emotions of people by highlighting that pure hatred of people drives the actions of the animal rights activists to destroy property in the guise of safeguarding the interests of animals. The authors also use ethos when they state that: “There is no question that animal testing is absolutely necessary for the development of life-saving drugs and medical procedures.” They want to appeal to people’s logic by reminding them “that millions of people will die unnecessarily if it is not permitted,” a fact known by the same animal rights activists.
In conclusion, it can be seen that the above mentioned article is presented in a convincing way and the authors have carefully selected the rhetorical tools that are meant to convince the targeted readers to share their ideas. This article is meant to portray the evilness of the animal rights activists against humanity.
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Alex Epstein & Yaron Brook. Evil of Animal "Rights." Tulsa World, . May 19, 2001. Web. 09 December 2014. Read More
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The Evil of Animal Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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