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Critically Analyse the Claim that Humans Are Political Animals - Essay Example

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This paper talks that claiming that humans are political animals is true given the process through which human beings interact and coexist in their entire period of life while participating in various leaderships and rules. Human beings also have the ability to create and develop communities which are very complex and larger than just simple families. …
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Critically Analyse the Claim that Humans Are Political Animals
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Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that given the fact that individual human beings are not in any position to carry out their naturally defined functions without the city-state, the so given state is therefore naturally precedes the individuals in every aspect. In regards to the above mentioned arguments then, it is clear that every human being or individual has the natural impulse for a community which is political especially with the consideration that the city-state was created out of the intelligence of human beings. They then end up living a political life while in nature they are animals. Man is known to have an innate proclivity to always participate in several public activities and deal with others in the city. Associations and other bonds are then created as men live together in partnership due to the natural tendency to interact and socialize with other men.
This rpeort makes a conclusion that as much as the several theorists try to explain the political naturalism in human beings, there is no concern or any consideration expressed on the part of the city-state’s modern liberalism. There is no explanation given on the freedom of individuals who participate in the city-state and protective provisions for their own private life from the exposition of the entire public. Aristotle’s arguments and justification on communitarian politics gives priority to the well-being of a community. Other modernists also argue on the basis of humans being conjugal and dependent on each other and thus conclude that establishing households, interacting and socializing among individuals makes one a complete human being. In that case, individual liberty does not win in context of any city-state just as freedom and private ownership does not exist for animals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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