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Public Affairs and relgious beliefs - Research Paper Example

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Religion is a contentious issue in any society and has to be treated with utmost care to ensure you do not elicit unwanted emotions since if one tries to come up with opinions or policies that seems to undermine a certain religious belief probably he/she will face resistance…
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Public Affairs and relgious beliefs
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Download file to see previous pages ever, there are a number of other smaller religions that are formed as a result of differences of beliefs concerning the doctrine of the major religions and thus, a sect of people break away from the main religion to start their small religion. Basically, religious beliefs are founded on faith of certain doctrines as taught by the respective religions so the believers of those doctrines are supposed to believe the teachings as they are without much questioning.
For instance, religion has greatly contributed to the spread of HIV and AIDS. Some religions for example Catholics discourage the use of condoms hence its follows can engage in unsafe sex contributing to the spread of the pandemic (Apostolidis & Juliet, 2004). Also some of the Africa beliefs provided for the use of one surgical instrument when performing circumcision hence a risk in the spread of HIV and AIDS. Christian teachings tend to brain wash people into a certain school of thought in whom they cannot easily get themselves out of since they are bond by doctrines which they are supposed to follow to the letter without questioning their legitimacy or logic (Apostolidis & Juliet, 2004).
Religion is a major impediment when it comes to solving social affairs in the public arena. For instance, politicians who are majorly the policy makers in countries will be limited to the scope of issues they will discuss and polices that will be formulated since is one is strongly affiliated to a certain religion the doctrines to that religion will in most of the time coincide with the policies being formulated thus, creating a deadlock of whether to adhere to religious teachings and doctrine or formulate polices that are against the religious teachings but for the common good of the general public. The utilitarian theory advocates for something to be regarded as ethically correct it has to be done so that benefit is for the greatest number of people. Thus, religion should not act as opium that impedes service delivery ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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