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State Department to religious organizations will host an interreligious talk on the religious motivated crisis in countries such as CAR on 12th August, 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa. The occasion will connect religious leaders from various parts of…
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Press Releases and Persuasion
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Press Release on Religious Tolerance Religious Leaders Talk on the need for Religious Tolerance in the World By Office of the Spokesperson U.S. Department
July 15, 2014
The Special Envoys from U.S. State Department to religious organizations will host an interreligious talk on the religious motivated crisis in countries such as CAR on 12th August, 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa. The occasion will connect religious leaders from various parts of the world which include India, Middle East, USA, UK, Nigeria, Kenya, and Israel amongst other countries as represented. The various representatives such as Archbishops, Imams, Reverends, Presidents of Evangelical associations, Buddhists, Hindus, special envoys will present talks to highlight their efforts in promoting peace and reconciliation within crisis torn countries like CAR.
The real battle according to some sources centers on cultural forces of godlessness since the various cultural values at some point leave little room for God and at the same time pay less attention to His word. Religions of the world have different teachings and concepts concerning deity. Most religions believe in some supernatural source of power which in some cases is presented in form of Gods or Goddesses. However, every belief has equal stronger attachments to their gods justifying superiority of their own religions based on traditions. Various religions have different deity which they believe in. Buddhism believes in atheism, whereby they totally reject any possibility of God’s existence. Others included in Atheist group are Unitarians and Universalists. Hinduism is considered Henotheist where they believe in many deities where they consider only one to be supreme deity (Viren et al. 1).
For instance, paying less attention to religious tolerance led to ignorance on contemptuous issues amongst Christians and Jews. A good example can be drawn from the holocaust issue where religious leaders reacted in different ways. During this period Christians believed that Jews contributed so much in the confusion experienced in their society through destruction of biblical truth like the rock of Peter and were viewed as the generators of the evils of capitalism as well as communism. Christianity as a religion lay claims on the fact that their religion provides ways to forgiveness of sins and attainment of salvation. However, such claims are not acceptable by all Christians hence leading to divergent beliefs causing denial of some crucial life principles. This has since led to vices such as racism and anti-Semitism hence denial of human equality. The same case has been experienced in CAR where Christians battle Muslims resulting in widespread religious conflict influenced by politics. Contrary to other religions, Christianity believes so much in the Bible, Islam so much in Holy Quran and this makes them ignore contemporary lifestyles and focus more towards doctrines. However, ignorance on human morality within any society set-up is detrimental. The Holocaust event was one of the good examples where six million Jews were exterminated. The occurrence was followed by many questions on the true existence of God who hates evil and rewards good according to Jewish belief system.
The event will shed more light on one common basic rule identifiable in almost all religions across the world, in Christianity the concept is referred to as the golden rule. Religious beliefs are so much held by individuals making it difficult for followers to either negotiate or compromise their belief systems. Therefore, tolerance can be defined as the aspect of respecting people in their different nature and not demanding any same action from their beliefs.
To learn more about this event, please contact
The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs
U.S. State Department
Office: (503) 867-5309
Fax: (503) 867-5408
[email protected]
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