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Relationship of the government and the religion - Essay Example

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Meaning of the establishment clause: The clause prohibits the government from establishing a religion. The clause bars the federal government from declaring and financially supporting any national religion. …
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Relationship of the government and the religion
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"Relationship of the government and the religion"

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In his writing in the Virginia statute for religious freedom, Jefferson made statement about the freedom of conscience and the Principe of separation between the state and the church. The Virginia religious freedom statue was rooted in Jefferson philosophy. The statute was passed by Virginia general assembly in January 1786. It is among the first amendment that sort to protect the freedom of religion.

The first paragraph of the statute proclaimed freedom of thought. According to Jefferson, the nature God gives a man the freedom to choose his religious belief. Jefferson argues that since the God has given the man freedom of thought – to believe or not to believe- there should be no law that compels a man to follow any religion. Individuals are free to worship as they please with no discrimination.

Jefferson wanted the assembly to enact that individuals should not be forced be to support any religious worship, or enforced, restrained in their bodies and/or goods or suffers due to their religious opinion or belief. Moreover, all individual are free to profess and by argument maintain their opinion on religious matter. Their opinion on matters of religion should not affect in any way their civil capacities.

The two clauses seem to uphold the view of the Jefferson. The establishment clause prevents the state from influencing any religious opinion on its citizen. The free exercise clause, protects the citizens right to practice their religion as they please. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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