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Relationship between Science and Religion in Islam - Dissertation Example

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The purpose of this paper “Relationship between Science and Religion in Islam” is to be able to explain the relationship between science and religion in Islam. It will also dig deeper into seeking the main factor that affects the relationship between science and religion in Islam…
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Relationship between Science and Religion in Islam
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Extract of sample "Relationship between Science and Religion in Islam"

Download file to see previous pages Religion is a belief in a higher being that results to a certain person or community practices in line with a certain divine or moral law in order to improve oneself and be further brought closer to a relationship to an all-powerful and all-knowing spiritual being. The practice of this belief most people call “religion” entails a series of ethical principles that highly motivates and influences human practices and behavior towards reaching a noble goal, the good of the whole community. This being said, religion before and today is considered as an important guiding instrument & an important source for human beings to lean towards the good and constantly repel our inner nature of being evil, which through constant practice develops good manners and right conduct. Religion is also one of the strongest forces that enable one to develop positive vibes within oneself and prevent unruly behaviors easily caused by imperfect circumstances and challenges being faced from day to day. Because most people revere a certain kind of religion, each one is awarded a sensitive conscience that reminds one of what is right and wrong, allowing one to have control over one’s attitude towards unwanted issues that could encourage actions that potentially harm other individuals, groups, and communities.
Islam is considered one of the largest religions in the world who call their god “Allah”. Today, there are at least more than a billion members that practice this particular religion that originated for more than millennium years ago.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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