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This essay declares that analysis of culture emphasizes the behaviors that define and describe people’s lifestyles. The world characterizes with diverse econmic, social, cultural and geographical phenomena. The most important thing is the understanding of cultural patterns…
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Social Welfare, History, Values and Beliefs
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Download file to see previous pages From the essay it is clear that the present day American culture began from as early as the past 10,000 years, upon the arrival of the Paleo-Indian from Europe, Oceania and Asia to establish the current United States. America is an ethically and racially diverse society with unique music, cultural, folklore and social practices. The great diversity of the United States is attributable to the massive immigration of people from different parts of the world during the historic period. Europeans including Irish, English, Scotts and Welsh bear great responsibility for influencing the initial shape of the American society. British in particular had greatest impact on American culture due to their close colonial links that fostered widespread use of the English language, use of British legal systems and adoption of general British cultural practices.
According to the report findings American culture is a collection of various elements that include liberal and conservatism ideologies, scientific and religious competitiveness, materialism and morality as well as free expression. Besides the influences of consistent principles and ideologies, American culture is also awash with evolved indigenous Latin, Asian and African-American cultures. The seeming neutral nature of the American culture is an indication of integration of many cultures whose compatibility mostly depends on political ideologies, social class and various demographic factors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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