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The term immigration can be defined as the act of movement of people across national borders of foreign nations for either partial or permanent settlement. Immigration takes place due to a number of reasons including civil, economic, poverty, natural disaster, political and…
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Stateless People - Illegal immigrants in the U.S
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Download file to see previous pages Alternatively, immigration can also be referred to instances where an individual who was previously granted a legal entry into a country stays longer than the stipulated time that he/she was allowed. Illegal immigration may also occur when the immigrants goes against the laws that they were admitted with into that particular country this maybe through the acts of engaging in illegal activities or any other action that contravenes the immigration laws of that nation. (LeMay, 2007).2 Most advanced economies nations are often faced with the problem of illegal immigration into their borders some of the immigrants end up in illegal activities like drug peddling or even terrorist attacks which negatively impact the homeland security of those specific nations.
Moreover, it is also common place for these countries to receive visitors from other countries who come on visitation purposes but in the long run end up staying longer that they were legally granted thus turning out to be illegal immigrants. USA is known to be a destination for smuggling of human beings especially through the border with Mexico whereby people from as far as Latin America utilizes that route to gain access to the country with the hope of a better life owing to the stable economic condition that America has enjoyed for a considerable period of time. The issue of immigration has been so rife given the increased numbers of illegal immigration that take place across the borders annually and the federal government has to spend a considerable amount of the taxpayers money to arrest prosecute and even deport those immigrants to their respective countries of origin (Kenney, 2008).3
Illegal immigrants who cross into the territory of the United States if America are often undocumented people thus are regarded as stateless since they do not conform to any particular governing body. In essence, they are not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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