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Racial Profiling as a Significant Area of Concern for Practitioners and Law Enforcement Scholars - Literature review Example

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The author concludes that the researches viewed all prove that racial profiling has been predominant among the whites and the blacks, with the African Americans being targeted more than the other minority populations. It takes every single American to avert this situation and preach tolerance…
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Racial Profiling as a Significant Area of Concern for Practitioners and Law Enforcement Scholars
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Extract of sample "Racial Profiling as a Significant Area of Concern for Practitioners and Law Enforcement Scholars"

Download file to see previous pages Across many parts of the world, and notably in America, racial profiling has been observed. Some of the incidents have constituted negligible inconveniences while others have had grave impacts; such as has never been witnessed in history (Maasik & Solomon 199). Perhaps the main reason why validating or disapproving racial profiling has been complicated is due to different interpretations and unclear legislation about racism. Due to this, the various literature examined to assess whether a sign of potential profiling is prevalent and determines the unique relationship between Black Americans and Whites. Pampel (2004) observes that there is a need for additional experimental results regarding whether police traffic curbs practices that have an inappropriate effect on minority drivers (Pampel 124). In their study, they concluded that generally, minority citizens and Black Americans, in particular, were unreasonably stopped due to their higher percentage representation of those eligible to drive. Nonetheless, in contrast to the conflicts of people alarmed by racial profiling, the two researchers concluded that Caucasians were more frequently searched than minorities. Notwithstanding, Caucasians were essentially more likely to be subjected to consensual searches.
In comparison to Caucasians, the researchers observed that minority drivers stood a higher chance of being warned. On the other hand, the probability of ticketing or arresting Caucasians was observed to be higher (Pampel 65). It is noteworthy to mention that these instances are indicators of racial profiling because law enforcers arrest or charge minorities based on their appearance. This could lead to stopping citizens unfairly even if no evidence of wrongdoing or breaking the law exists (Pampel 67).
Among the researches that do exist, some of them come in handy as concerns the data studied in current articles. One of the studies looked at the stop-and-frisk procedures of the New York Department of Police and concluded that regardless of the blacks making up 25.6% of New York City’s population, they represented 51% of all people stopped by the New York Police Department (Maasik & Solomon 147).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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