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The study would aim at answering these research questions: If justice for all is at all possible in the USA; is it a myth or motto? Since getting justice has become a costly affair, is it possible amid growing income inequality that all remain same before the law?…
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Is justice for all possible in America
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"Is justice for all possible in America"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that for all the legal bodies of the world providing fair and equal justice to all is an ethical and mandatory responsibility; the same holds true for United States of America (USA) as well. The USA follows a federal set up in governance and federalism and dual sovereignty have always remained two mutually conflicting aspects for the United States of America. Though in course of time most of the federal-state conflict attained an agreement on both part, perfection remained a mirage. Within a federal-state set up the state witnessed a declining supremacy, yet the criminal law remained a domain where the state sustained to enjoy the final say. However, Supreme Court kept the states under strict vigilance and often corrected their action in case it deemed necessary. Questions however pierced through the surface that what does fairness actually stands for and what is the true standard for the same. As usual, these couple of questions have also given birth to another; who would be the determining body for fairness. The first amendment and the fourteenth amendment to the USA constitution determine the concept of fairness of justice for the federal and the state government respectively. Historically the USA has remained a multi-ethnic country; from the Red Indians to the Afro-Americans, USA history is all about friction and conflict among people heralding from the different ethnic background. At this background providing justice for all becomes necessary but upholding equality among USA nationals is challenging as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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