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Is Justice Possible - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Is Justice Possible?” divulges into discussing the humanitarian aid and ethical standards for achieving justice in respect of cosmopolitanism, realism and nationalist societies. In total, the paper endeavors to cite the position of justice in issues concerning human rights…
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Is Justice Possible
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Download file to see previous pages To this extent, several panels of bodies observed that the United States prisons are flooding with political prisoners for a long time. Further observation made by the panels rendered information that nearly all of the political prisoners had served a long period of imprisonment for more than thirty years. However, the government of the United States of America is found to deny such charges of holding political prisoners and that also for such long periods. The panels observed that the Federal Bureau of Intelligentsia had carried out the rampant arrests of the Black demonstrators for they wanted to restrict the formation of a nationalist group of the Negro community. To this extent, the members of other political factions including the whites who reflected a common sympathy for the black community were also detained. The panels observed that the political prisoners were kept in isolation and were severely maltreated. They were not granted bail and sometimes wiped of the criminal records files. The government in this regard is found to use the judicial system for carrying out such detentions. However, of late the government has become conscious of the huge number of political prisoners serving long periods of illegal detention. Thus, it is aiming to free the political prisoners who in turn are carrying on further movements to free their associates.  (Day & Whitehorn, 2001, p. 286, 291, 295). In this regard, the possibility of the expansion of the paradigms of justice and ethics are observed in the light of granting educational rights to the children of developing countries. The country was chosen for discussion here in Nigeria. The country of Nigeria is under prolonged military rule had lost its democratic status. Human Rights activists from several countries empowered the Nigerian masses by providing educational training on Human Rights issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is Justice Possible Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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...Index What does justice means Is justice related to power Hobbes justice Machiavelli's justiceJustice What does justice means Justice is nothing but the principle of moral rightness or equality. No one can attain political, social and legal justice without the absence of economic justice. The concept of economic justice does not mean equal income for all. This is neither possible nor desirable. What is required under the concept of economic justice is that...
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