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Disadvantage of social network and our new generation - Essay Example

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In the paper “Disadvantage of social network and our new generation” the author tries to evaluate social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, which is increasingly becoming a form of basic need as far as the new generation is concerned…
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Disadvantage of social network and our new generation
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Extract of sample "Disadvantage of social network and our new generation"

Download file to see previous pages My main aim was to understand the disadvantages that are associated with its use and come up with solutions that might be helpful. Presently, a large percentage of people use social networking sites and this has increased the interactions between people all over the world. The social networking sites integrate numerous internet aspects like personal profiles, blogs, videos and photos as well as the most current news on different issues and much more (Vermaat 128). D. Preview Statement: Since all the disadvantages are numerous and cannot be covered extensively in a single sitting, we will consider a few of them. To begin with, we will look at how social media may make it easier for identity thieves to carry out their illegal actions and how this may be harmful to the people who use social media. Second, we will dwell on how social media may lead cyber bulling depending on the kind of photos that new generation posts on these sites. Finally, we will consider how social networking can be addictive to the people who use it and how this may be counterproductive. A. Main Point: Social networks are supposed to improve communication while bringing people closer together and even though it was meant to be advantageous to the people who use it, the main disadvantage that might be associated with it is personal identity theft (Furht 265). 1. The Problem: So that a person can use a social networking site, he or she must avail personal information before getting permission to access the site. Some news and information that has emerged recently has revealed that some of the networking sites have compromised personal information that is associated with their users through allowing advertisers to evade the end user privacy (Sosinsky 398). b. Grounds: When teenagers spend too much time on social networking sites they will not get enough time to deal with his or her schoolwork and this will make them lag behind other students in the class. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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