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Children are by all means and aspect some of the precious possessions and backbone of the society, because the very moment they are born and brought to life, there is joy and happiness across the whole society. This is to say that they are assumed to be the future of the…
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The Raise interactive scenario
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ARGUMENT al Affiliation ARGUMENT Children are by all means and aspect some of the precious possessions and backbone of thesociety, because the very moment they are born and brought to life, there is joy and happiness across the whole society. This is to say that they are assumed to be the future of the generations present and subsequent ones. Thus, when they are mistreated or treated rightly, it is the whole society that benefits in equal measure. It is worth to note and record that the society depends on them out rightly and directly since they represent the hope of the future and subsequent generations. In Tanzania in the areas of Mererani, children are subjected to deplorable conditions of mining, while they ought to be in schools or other places. A child is supposed to go through childhood and enjoy the happenings that happen in that stage. It does not help matters that poverty and the rare of occurrence of gem could be coincidental in Mererani (Sanga, 2007). Thus, the children in this place are subjected to work at that early stage and point in their life. It beats logic to note that as much as this place and area is a lucrative zone of close to thirty million dollars, a sizeable proportion of the population still live under poverty. It is needless to stress that the children who work in this sites also constitute part of the poor population (Goodman & Barnes, 2011). Thus, it would be more beneficial to them and the future of the society if they were involved in other alternative activities such as pursuing education.
Subsequently, the risk and the deplorable work conditions in the mines do not make matters any easy for the children. Firstly, the children do not have any skill or expertise on how to act or behave when they are down deep in the mines (Schroeder, 2010). Thus, they are exposed to dangers of losing the prospects of a better life ahead of them, if they do not succumb to the dangers of the mines. Conclusively, there are other options that could be pursued to relieve these children off their predicament as articulated above.
Goodman, M. K., & Barnes, C. (2011). Star/poverty space: the making of the ‘development celebrity’. Celebrity studies, 2(1), 69-85.
Sanga, S. P. (2007). The Role of Poor Governance in the Tanzanite-Al Qaeda Link Controversy, and Policy Options for Tanzania Enabling it to Escape from ‘Curses’ in the Mining Industry. One Society Institute.[Online] Available at: www. policy. hu/document/200808/sebastian. sanga. pdf&letoltes, 1.
Schroeder, R. A. (2010). Tanzanite as conflict gem: Certifying a secure commodity chain in Tanzania. Geoforum, 41(1), 56-65. Read More
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The Raise Interactive Scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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