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The research was trying to test on gender bias and treatment based on professionalism and business in identical situations.
The two testers, Julie and…
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The Fairer Sex Video
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The Fairer Sex Video Question The idea behind this research was to determine how differently a man and a woman are treated in different places and occasion. The research was trying to test on gender bias and treatment based on professionalism and business in identical situations.
Question 2
The two testers, Julie and Chris, went to a car dealer shop. Julie was the first one to go for a car, which she was told costs 9995 hundred dollars. When she requested for a road test, the car dealer could not allow her to drive by herself from the parking lot. The final price she was offered for the car was 9400 hundred dollars (ABC News). On the contrary, when Chris came for the same car, he was told it cost 9200 hundred dollars. Surprisingly, when he asked for the road test, the car dealer did not hesitate but gave him the car to drive by himself. The final price for the car had depreciated to 8900 hundred dollars. It is evident that gender bias has taken central position in certain businesses, and women are the ones mostly falling victims.
Question 3
At the golf club, Julie was denied a chance to book for a convenient time to play golf. She was being persuaded to book during odd hours; whereas, Chris was able to get two bookings reservation at convenient hours even after coming late.
Question 4
At the dry cleaner, Julie was charged expensively for laundry ($3.50) whilst Chris was charged ($2.25) for the similar clothing (ABC News).
Question 5
Despite the fact that Julie had a way above qualification than Chris, she was offered a low position while Chris was offered a managerial position.
Question 6
Income inequity is also influenced by gender bias. This is evident based on the research whereby ladies are offered low position jobs and charged highly for services. For instance, when Julie went for the job interview, she was intimidated with questions about her boyfriend instead of keeping the conversation professional. In addition, she was offered a secretary job, instead of the managerial work she had applied.
The second instance is when Julie went to buy a motor vehicle. The shop attendant named a hefty price just because the customer was a lady. When Chris went for the same car, he was offered a much lower price. This evidently shows how women are charged highly for certain services.
Question 7
Discrimination can be eliminated through enactment of laws that majorly aim at protecting victims. This can be seconded by encouraging/educating people not to tolerate or entertain gender bias. It will be worthwhile for the managers to make gender biasness a business issue. The qualified women should be considered over men with less qualification. The hiring systems should also be changed. Qualifications come with ambition and dedication to the work. Most women are often ambitious because they have what it takes.
Work Cited
ABC News. The Fairer Sex Research into sex discrimination in the U.S. Oct. 1993. Web. 23 Nov. 2014. Read More
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