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Modern Terrorism - Essay Example

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This paper is a critical evaluation of the extent of the significance of modern terrorism as represented by such groups as the Taliban, Al Qaida, ISIS, ISIL and others in terms of the threat that they pose to world security and peace. To begin the discussion it is worthwhile to…
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Modern Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages Tactics of terrorism, on the other hand, are said to predate even the historical genesis of the name, and have been in use for ages. That said, there is also some consensus that when one talks about modern terrorism, one talks about something that seems to have no precedent in history, and is therefore something that is totally new. True, the ends from the past and as they are now pursued by modern terrorists are the same, and that is to achieve destabilization and to be able to make gains in the political sphere at the expense of innocent lives lost. On the other hand, what makes modern terrorism different from older forms of terrorism is a set of characteristics peculiar to the modern age. This set of characteristics include the ability of terrorists to access technologies that are advanced in their capabilities to destroy while evading detection; the means available to instantly relay messages to the general public, such as the use of Internet technologies, social media, and traditional TV media; and the mobile aspects of terrorism that allows for the rapid execution of terroristic acts started somewhere else and ignited finally at destinations of world significance, such as the major world cities. The communication aspect is aided by the technological developments in communication and in the use of the Internet to propagate the terroristic message very quickly, thus aiding in the quick achievement of terroristic goals. Communication is said to have ever been a vital aspect of the terrorists work, and modern communication technologies mark a new phase in terrorism that is thoroughly identified with its modern form. Then too, advances in modern transportation and modern weapons technologies further add to the new and immense powers of modern terrorists to sow terror and achieve their aims via means that will keep eluding the authorities. One can say moreover that a fourth aspect of modern terrorism is this quality of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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