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How can USA govern EU - Essay Example

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European Union and the US, political economic realities are in reality very different, but for the rest of the world, these two blocs are simply the “West”. In many cases they are lumped up in the same context, this is because the citizens of the US and much of the EU more…
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How can USA govern EU
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Download file to see previous pages interests, addressing their divergent ones sometimes call for a highly delicate balance influenced by a variety of foreign relations and economic factor as explored herein.
One of the factors that influence the relationship between the two is their political difference, these are inevitable considering that the US is a country with and single government which makes decision making more expedient and less politicized outside of congress and the court of public opinion. The situation in Europe on the other hand is much more intricate, the block is more of an economic rather than a political block. In as much as they often take similar political positions, decision-making in the EU takes considerably longer because it has to factor in the divergent interest of all the members. In addition, despite the strength it draws from numbers, they have on several occasions, threatened its stability. In the recent global economic meltdown for example, it was difficult for countries to come up with individual solutions since actions of independent nations impacted on the entire block. For example, the overvaluing of the budgets in Greece, Italy and Spain considerably weakened other nations such as France in their attempts to stabilize their economies. Bearing this in mind, it is one can surmise that the US manages to appear more powerful, because not only it actually is but it operates in a more decisive and comprehensive way giving it the upper hand. Comparatively speaking, the EU is like a collection of the states that comprise the US but where each has a completely autonomous government, which makes it for decisions or impositions from the “head”.
Michael Smith (2011) proposes that the US is fundamentally a warrior state while the EU is a trading one; this is exemplified by the fact that the US has in the past been more willing to use their extensive military hardware and power to enforce its policies especially internationally (Smith, 2011). Therefore, any diplomacy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Can USA Govern EU Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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