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How relevant is Machiavelli's Prince for today's political leaders - Essay Example

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Among the remarkable things associated with this literature is the fact that Machiavelli was able to write as ten months prior to writing The…
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How relevant is Machiavellis Prince for todays political leaders
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Extract of sample "How relevant is Machiavelli's Prince for today's political leaders"

Download file to see previous pages The book can be used as a manual for the politicians who yearn to win and stay in power as in his literature, Machiavelli guides a prince on the manner to act towards his enemies and applying both force and fraud in the course of war2. Regardless of the perceptions people have concerning politics, the book goes straight to the reality of how things work in what Machiavelli considers as effectual truth. It demonstrates that allies who exist in politics at home and across boarders are never really friends. Among the principles that are championed by Machiavelli is that leaders are always supposed to cover up their real intentions, make sure they cannot be predicted, and regularly act in a manner that is against mercy, faith, humanity and religion, so that they may be able to preserve the state, making ,Machiavelli’s name synonymous with the tyrants who are cunning.
When the dismal perception of Machiavelli in regard to humanity is understood, it becomes easy to appreciate the ethical universe that he operates in as he begins his discussion that touches of virtues that a prince should have by discarding them immediately. According to him, virtues do not have utility and are simply products of a person’s imagination. In Machiavelli’s terms, truth is a factor of the effect or outcome associated with a specific action from the dictator’s perspective but not any intrinsic or rigid standard of value and obvious liberty or freedom is not among them. This creates the definition of the term effectual truth and Machiavelli defines himself as a relativist who adjusts to the situation why favoring dictatorship. This is the same kind of discourse that has been associated with the liberals as well as democrats; it has also been seen and heard in the self-proclaimed conservatives as well as the republicans.
The introduction of a new approach in relation to the traditional political science by ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Relevant Is Machiavelli's Prince for today'S Political Leaders Essay.
“How Relevant Is Machiavelli's Prince for today'S Political Leaders Essay”, n.d.
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