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Legal Services for Prisoners - Essay Example

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According to the article, it can be asserted that the policy of prison education, which is also acknowledged as Inmate Education, has emerged as a new trend in early 21st century. Involvement in prison education programs is mostly observed in American correctional system. In…
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Legal Services for Prisoners
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Download file to see previous pages hat the US correctional department desired to establish a healthily lifestyle for the prisoners after the correctional period by implementing the policy of the above stated policy i.e. prison education. Thus, the American Central Security Control has designed effective prisoners’ education based programs with the aim of enhancing the job as well as rational skills, which will assist them to become more productive and law abiding citizen (Esperian, 2010).
Based on this understanding, it can be claimed that the author of this article has evaluated the trend of prison educating program with the aim of identifying the criminal recidivism of the American citizens. More precisely, it can be asserted that the author has tried to identify the effectiveness of the varied prisoners educating programs. At the same time, the author has also tried to identify the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Prisoners in developing the different correctional education based programs (Esperian, 2010).
In order to identify the goals or the desired outcomes of the policy or the program under examination, it can be asserted that the American Central Security Control has tried to develop the job and rational skills of the prisoners with the aim of deriving varied productive outcomes. At the same time, through implementing this correctional program, the US Federal Bureau of Prisoners has endeavored to grow law abiding responsibilities amid the prisoners. Moreover, it can be also claimed that the American Central Security Control has also tried to reduce the tendency of criminal recidivism prevailing amid the American prisoners (Esperian, 2010).
In order to highlight the relevant concept or theory to the above identified goals or outcomes, the “Social Learning Theory” can be apparently noted as relevant in this context. Justifiably, in this regard, it can be claimed that ‘Social Learning Theory’ is a particular aspect, which is highly associated with self-efficacy. Moreover, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal Services for Prisoners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Legal Services for Prisoners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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