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What strategic influence does Special Operations have - Research Paper Example

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They became more significant after the war in 1945 when nations began fighting with the aim of restoring peace. Special operations became the chief substance in Vietnam and more often…
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What strategic influence does Special Operations have
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Download file to see previous pages This research aims at analyzing the nature and the characteristics of special operations and the strategic influence that they have on the target population.
Special operations demand the use of special methods of employment, special techniques, tactics, procedures as well as equipment. Special operations acquire significance in harsh environments characterized by high level of hostility, denial and environments that are most sensitive politically or diplomatically. These operations are thus more time sensitive and concealed in nature. Special operations according to Derek (2006, 149) have lower visibility, work in collaboration with local forces and require greater regional point of reference as well as cultural proficiency.
Special operations require very high level of intelligence and the intelligence organ must have a good understanding of the major activities. It must be capable of approving all the logistical requirements within the shortest time possible, which is usually within a span of fifteen days. The communication system has to be significantly efficient to ease collection of information from the ground as well as coordination within the staff members involved to arrive at the best solution for the prevailing situation. In operating in remote areas, according to Derek (2006, 252) special operations mostly require the use of long range and surface oriented combined firing support.
With special operations, offensive actions can be either by seizing the core facilities of the people as a piece of the wide operation or utilizing a guerilla war tactic of hitting and running away to cool the chosen targets. Even though the other ordinary units are capable of carrying out such operations, special units perform with greater precision thus yielding better results. Special Forces are also capable of conducting such operations in areas where the other ordinary units cannot reach.
A common characteristic of special operations is effectiveness in terms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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