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It is a clue writing - Case Study Example

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Johnson’s resignation. Martha N. Johnson, whose seat as the Administrator of General Service (GSA) had been greatly championed for by President Obama, (2010)…
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It is a clue writing
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Martha N. Johnson’s Resignation Source and Audience One of the recent head turning cases in the US government, presentin the Washington Post, is that of Martha N. Johnson’s resignation. Martha N. Johnson, whose seat as the Administrator of General Service (GSA) had been greatly championed for by President Obama, (2010) astonishingly, fired two of her senior most deputies (2012) before finally handing her own resignation letter. Her action is a case that raised eyebrows in the executive branch of the US government and even to the whole country.
It turns out that her withheld nomination for the post of Administrator turned out to be a political battle existing between the Republicans and the Democrats. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, files a cloture for the nomination. President Obama reacts to this by terming it as a mere political attack from the Republicans side saying they have no reasons regarding the qualifications of his nominee.
However long after her nominations, cases of excessive spending from her office arise and now the Republicans have a reason to put across why they resisted the nominations.
A report is printed as evidence concerning the alleged spending. The report reveals that the GSA spent a sum of $822,000 for 300 people to attend a four-day press conference. All these catered by the tax- payers’ dollars.
Condition Evaluation
It is this condition that makes Johnson fire the two deputies and further leaving her with no option, but to submit a resignation letter. In her obstructed nomination, politicians were not willing to promote development due to political differences. In addition, her excessive spending is a replica of what most politicians do after being elected or nominated for senior offices in the country.
Political Implication
This case implies that political differences amongst leaders can be a barrier to development of a country. Rather, politicians must learn of the best way to solve this by not hindering development. However, newly elected politicians to office must learn to work in the best way that can yield fruits to the taxpayers rather than spend their payments aimlessly.
Work Cited
Rein , Lisa and Joe Davidson. "GSA chief resigns amid reports of excessive spending." 02 April 2012. The Washingtone Post. 25 October 2014. . Read More
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It Is a Clue Writing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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