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It's up to paper comments - Essay Example

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Writing on any subject and in any form requires that the writer must communicate the ideas clearly and more succinct manner so that readers can easily understand the overall feelings and emotions of writer behind the piece of writing. Amy Tan in her essay clearly established…
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Its up to paper comments
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Download file to see previous pages The sentence that “ I write for myself” is therefore a clear expression of the intention a writer often set for herself when she starts writing and projecting what is internal to her and only materialize through her imaginative thinking.
This paper will therefore attempt to present an Stylistic analysis of the above mentioned piece of writing and will discuss as to how Amy Tan was successful in using stylistic tools such as lexis, syntax etc.
From the contextual perspective this piece of writing clearly establishes as to how to write and how a writer shall clearly tackle her emotions and memories at the time of writing. It is clear that the Amy Tan writes for herself but the overall style and context within which the writing is done indicate the way a good writer shall always relate to her audience. For example, Tan mentions that she like the peculiarities of the language therefore she writes in a manner so as to understand what life really is all about. The confession that she don’t know much about the life itself indicate the relative intellectual thirst of the writer with which the overall thoughts and emotions are portrayed on the piece of paper to craft a perfect paper.
The above quotation indicates the use of four as a symbol by Amy Tan in one of her works and refers to the way she associate it with different aspects of life. The use of word four is also can be considered as one of the motifs as it is used repeatedly and in some particular sense. Amy Tan however, consider the use of symbols not in their Jungian sense but rather they basically offer a clue to some of the hidden meanings. Amy writes:
“To me, Symbols are stand-ins for abstract ideas. They belong to the High School of Hidden Meanings.” (Tan). This also indicates that the overall style of Tan, like her most of her work, is direct and often reflects the writer’s overall digression from established literary facts and conventions. (Chan and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It'S up to Paper Comments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“It'S up to Paper Comments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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