The Foundations of Modern Political Thought by Quentin Skinner - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “The Foundations of Modern Political Thought by Quentin Skinner” the author analyzes the work by Quentin Skinner. The given articles provide an insight into the situations that led to the development of Renaissance political ideologies, including the theories by Machiavelli…
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The Foundations of Modern Political Thought by Quentin Skinner
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, the monarchies exerted unconditional power over other states and the theoretical support for this exercise of power came from people like Thucydides. However, as time passed, it became necessary for people to struggle out of the rules of monarchs, and this desire made them come up with new propaganda, including liberty and sovereignty. Skinner points out that it is the need to repulse German control that made the Italian cities of Lombardy and Tuscany to come up with the ideological weapon of liberty .Along with this, the idea of sovereignty arose as the corresponding right to govern themselves. This new ideological weapon enabled people to experiment with new forms of self-government, like a consular form of government and the podesta, in order to maintain the freedom of individuals. However, this fight lacked a legal support unlike the power imposed on them by the Roman Empire and Papacy . Thus, it became necessary for these societies to come up with some theoretical framework to support the new ideology. Soon, people like Bartolus came to the fore with new concepts, and Bartolus said that the people of Italian republic states have as much power over their own populace as the Emperor has because they constitute themselves a free people . Though the Church wanted to continue exercising its coercive power over the world, including the Italian cities, people like Marsiglio attacked the Church’s right to use its power in the physical world. The claim was that power of control should be in the hands of a faithful human legislator in a secular setting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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