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Does America Have a Foreign Policy by Mark Funkhouser - Article Example

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In the paper “Does America Have a Foreign Policy by Mark Funkhouser” the author discusses an article by Mark Funkhouser on what is necessary to be done to get public workers have a change of attitude about their jobs. The author’s work is a report on Lavigna’s book…
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Does America Have a Foreign Policy by Mark Funkhouser
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Extract of sample "Does America Have a Foreign Policy by Mark Funkhouser"

Does America Have a Foreign Policy by Mark Funkhouser
In an article by Mark Funkhouser on what is necessary to be done to get public workers have a change of attitude about their jobs, the author’s work is a report on Robert Lavigna’s book about how to engage public employees. Going by Lavigna’s assertion, the author is gets its right that just like the public sector seeks improvement through employee motivation, so should the public sector. He is right to stress on the fact that employee engagement is critical to achieving such a goal.
In another article by Allan Greenblatt on governing, the author focuses on the riots in Ferguson where protestors were teargased. The fact that the governor intervened with a new solution that was appealing to the people was commendable, though it did not go down well with the Ferguson police department. However, it does point out that governance has to be approached from an open-minded perspective as Governor Jay Nixon did. Working solutions have to be implemented in the short-term period then seek long-term solutions later.
Similarly, Feather O’Connor Houston believes that governance has to be approached with transparency and commitment to bring about the much-needed changes. She uses the example of the veteran’s healthcare issues that had not been addressed for a long time. She is right to insist that reforms in the public sector has to be approached with competence so that the results can be timely, convenient and of good high quality.
In what appears to be a summary assessment on leadership, Michael Brenner explores the loop side of the Obama administration and ponders to ask whether America does have a foreign policy. The author argues that since Obama took over as the president, there has been no tangible evidence of American foreign policy. The author is right to observe that indecisiveness by the Obama administration on such matters are responsible for the rise of IS and Moscow’s interference on Kiev. Brenner is also right to observe that political advisors should be people with experience, not political campaigners as Obama may have done.
Brenner, Michael (2014, October 13). Does America Have a Foreign Policy? The World Post. Retrieved on October 14, 2014 from brenner/america-foreign-policy-under-obama_b_5977254.html Read More
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Does America Have a Foreign Policy by Mark Funkhouser Article.
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