Develop an ethical framework for the assessment of the country's foreign poilcy - Assignment Example

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An ideal framework should focus on foreign policies which will reveal a set of international relations on a nation. This examining of both international and…
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Develop an ethical framework for the assessment of the countrys foreign poilcy
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Develop an Ethical Framework for the Assessment of the Countrys Foreign Policy An ethical framework, for a nation, can be explained as a set of rules, governing how nations should treat each other. An ideal framework should focus on foreign policies which will reveal a set of international relations on a nation. This examining of both international and domestic politics. Emphasis is put on peace and cooperation, because, such, are essential for long term co-existence of humanity. Such elements to look for include, diplomacy, adherence to agreements and treaties, interstate cooperation, and economic activities. This paper presents an insight to an ideal framework that can be used to determine whether a nation is behaving ethically or not. It further suggests changes to the U.S international system as such (Amstutz, C6)
First element, is the sovereignty, and independence, of the nation if necessary, by forceful self-defense. A state is obliged, among other things, not to associate, in way of military attack, pollution, unauthorized invasion that will undermine the residents. In such an event a nations ethics are put in question. For instance, the international criminal court is always ethical, by avoiding arrest of criminals unless permitted by the government (Shapcott, C6)
Secondly, the element is the scale of adherence to international agreements made with other nations. Although limited by the available systems, a state is able to perform critical legal functions that ensure its survival as a legal entity in interstate relations and therefore acting contrary to the agreement and treaties by states. For instance, Iran was sanctioned for illicit nuclear activity by the U.S (Valls, C1).
Third, element is the grade and stage of decentralization of governance by a state. This is in respect to international states political and trade blocks. In ethical association among states parties, the respective foreign policies should be designed with enduring feature in the international decentralization system and stick to the central institutions of legislative standards while ensuring they are implemented (Amstutz, C2). China, for instance, has avoided interfering with local politics whenever they do a project in Kenya. This is thought to be ethical
In conclusion, ethical behavior is key in our social lives. A nation’s foreign policy will determine its ethical behavior. For instance, it is important to mention that, the U.S should cease political, military, legislative and economic prejudice and abide to the sets standards for the conduct of governments international system (Valls A).
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