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Non tariff barriers to trade in IT products - Essay Example

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Conformity assessment is an activity conducted by governments to ensure that products that are brought into countries under their jurisdiction have fulfilled all the required standards. This is normally done in a bid to ensure that only products of the best quality enter the…
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Non tariff barriers to trade in IT products
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Download file to see previous pages Government regulation is essential because it is the only authority responsible in making sure that mechanisms that have been put in place to prevent new trade barriers are closely monitored. Conformity assessment is a tool used by governments in such a way as to allow the free movement of goods while at the same time making sure that the goods comply with set standards. During such assessments, only goods that comply with provisions concerning standards of a specific country are allowed into its markets and those that do not are sent back to their manufacturers for correction. In most cases, conformity assessments are done on a regular basis and it is required that these assessments be carried out according to the legislation that has been passed within a country. The government is therefore tied by these legislations and it cannot go beyond them when inspecting goods for conformity because to do so might result in serious legal action from the manufacturer.
Manufacturers are also obligated to ensure that the products that they design and manufacture are done in a way that they conform to the requirements needed by the government. The need to ensure that products conform to requirements is supposed to motivate manufacturers to produce only the best products that they can because they have to be in line with legislation concerning technical harmonization (Reynolds 2009, p.21). Conformity assessment is a course of action that is taken before a product is allowed into the market and this is a procedure that is designed to ensure that it fulfils all necessary requirements. Legislations concerning this procedure are enforced by governments in such a way that it is performed in a manner that follows technical procedures as is specified in the specific legislation. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers are required to choose from among different procedures of conformity in a bid to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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