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Ethics & CIA/NSA - Essay Example

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It is a legality, which the state ought to embrace in ensuring safety for its people. This is in trailing elements whose intentions does not conform with the public’s agenda for peaceful living.
Based on motives behind activities that compel to the act of gathering…
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Ethics & CIA/NSA
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Extract of sample "Ethics & CIA/NSA"

Ethics & CIA/NSA Does the government have the ity to be collecting on so many Americans? Yes. It is a legality, which the state ought to embrace in ensuring safety for its people. This is in trailing elements whose intentions does not conform with the public’s agenda for peaceful living.
Do you believe this activity to be ethical/unethical?
Based on motives behind activities that compel to the act of gathering relevant and reliable information by NSA, I deem this is ethical. Since, its core intention encompasses ensuring and heightening the security state of all Americans despite numerous intense debates terming intelligence collection as intrusion of one’s privacy. To date numerous people and especially those who choose to politicize the entire process will on the other hand cite the government through its respective intelligence authorities is not doing enough or equal to the task of protecting its individuals. The latter complaint is especially when attacked like in 2011 or which what they do not know is collection of intelligence is meant for “bad guys” not only in the country but also globally who target US. In addition, NSA normally operates within already outlined codes of conduct such that what they collect will serve in the interests of public but not the satisfaction of few influential.
Should the government be doing this?
Yes. Since, collection, analysing and preserving of necessary information by NSA largely is essential in trailing anti-peace elements that mostly encompass extremists1. For instance, this is quite evident in the trailing of Abu Musab Zargawi whereby if it were not for this approach it would have been easy in exterminating his networks and acting on him appropriately2. Therefore, when it comes to spying or trailing such elements is more of legality for the involved agency and its members all their core commitment is for the public’s safety. In addition, spying has not started with US but time immemorial with Israelites (Moses’ time) with the intention of knowing exactly where they were heading despite then led by God3. Therefore, NSA ought to undertake its activities and even intercept all relevant information that it deems will contribute to the safety of the good citizen who needs to live peacefully.
Does this violate the Patriot Act or FISA or the Fourth Amendment?
Contending infringement of 4Th amendment especially when collecting information meant for intelligence purpose is where I think it entails much considerations and even rectifications. This is because its drafters never had the thought of advanced technological knowhow that we have today. This to fashion and even put the definitions in such a way when NSA activities when collecting data are not intruding to one’s privacy but undertaking its roles as it is supposed to be.
Lefever, Ernest, W. 2003. The Essential CIA. Ethics and Public Policy Center. 10Th January 2003.
Scarborough, Rowan. 2013. An eavesdropping phoenix, NSA arose from ashes of 9/11. The Washington Times, July 23 2013. arose-ashes-911/?page=all Read More
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Ethics & CIA/NSA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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