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Role of Intelligence Agencies in Keeping the World Safe - Coursework Example

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This research effort will be analyzing and evaluating the roles of different departments and agencies that fundamentally constitute US intelligence network that is interactively learning and working in order to minimize both domestic and foreign national security threats…
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Role of Intelligence Agencies in Keeping the World Safe
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Download file to see previous pages In the US, there are two main intelligence organizations that are working for the aim of preserving national security. The first one is, of course, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the other one is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). However, the former agency is primarily responsible for managing and counteracting foreign threats, while it works with the help of maintaining close ties and networking with other special services organizations in the world. The latter organization is fundamentally committed to fighting local and indigenous terrorism plots, which causes it to work with local and state police departments closely (Zegart). Furthermore, the important roles and responsibilities of secret security agencies will be discussed in upcoming sections.
1. HUMINT Intelligence: - This sort of intelligence is gathered with the help of human senses whereas; the technological intervention is kept minimized in the process of gathering this type of information (Cline, 2002). But, it is necessary to note that data gathered from this source is considered highly unreliable because, human memory is something that fades away very rapidly, therefore, a major chunk of the information is lost. This kind of data collection methodology is used where technology could be revealed readily that will, in turn, blow the cover of an agent. This technique is, however, considered as a last resort or used during the early stages of the investigation.
2. SIGNIT Intelligence: - This type of intelligence is used to communicate sensitive information among the ranks and people associated with secret services.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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