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Providing Healthy Livelihood: National Security - Research Paper Example

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This research discusses certain national security providers in terms of the jurisdiction, mission, core value, and the overall role played in homeland defense. The organizations described in the paper are The New Jersey State Police, The Seattle Police Depart, ent and Defense Intelligence Agency…
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Providing Healthy Livelihood: National Security
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Extract of sample "Providing Healthy Livelihood: National Security"

Download file to see previous pages The foundation of the mission of the DIA is lying on the four pillars of teamwork, integrity, excellence, and service. The Agency provides unmatched service with the coordination amongst its highly accomplished team members and aims at building integrity across all organizational boundaries.
The DIA plays a significant role in shaping the history of the United States since 1961. Presently with the advancement of technology, the Agency faces complicated challenges in the rapidly evolving political environment of the world. It continuously strengthens its intelligence operations in order to supply confident decisions in regard to the serious matters that confront the country. It strives to provide unparalleled leadership across the intelligence community existing in the country. The DIA consists of highly skilled and agile professionals that are equipped with leading-edge training and also versed in the most modern technologies. It extends support to the Nation and the warfighters whenever and wherever it is required.
The DIA achieves its strategic theme of “One Mission - One Team - One Agency” (Defense Intelligence Agency, 2013) through the maintenance of its core values. These values help the Agency to keep up the standard of its service and install unfaltering faith for its delivery of decision advantage among the dependants. The core values of the Saint Leo University correspond to that of the DIA. Through a good teamwork, the members of the agency hold each other in high esteem and also helps in the construction of a better society.
“The New Jersey State Police” (New Jersey State Police, 2013) is the police force of the State of New Jersey in the United States of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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