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U.S. immigration system appears to be broken since many employers dodge it by employing undocumented workers who form part of the eleven million undocumented people. This is not good for both the country and the economy. Plan by the…
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the plan requires all businesses and workers to abide by these rules. For a long time Republican and Democratic presidents used legal authority in dealing with the issue. However, President Obama took a commonsense approach. The approach by the President relies on his executive authority to ensure everyone is accountable and capable of following the law in contributing to the US. The president took the approach as the country anticipates for the Congress and Republicans to act. No hindrances exist that can affect the president’s decision since US constitution as well as Immigration and Naturalization Act offer the Executive authority to come up with enforcement priorities that improve the way agencies apply the law. US Supreme Court agrees on this. The executive authority allows both Democrat and Republican presidents to act on immigration. All presidents after President Eisenhower have legal authority that enables them to deal with immigration (The White House).
For a long time, the US immigration system has been broken making it pointlessly difficult for the country to draw the best talent around the globe. Skilled workers usually wait for years or even decades before obtaining green cards to allow them contribute fully to the country’s economy and gain citizenship with time. Entrepreneurs lack devoted immigration corridor to allow them develop their enterprises and create jobs in the country. Every year, the country’s universities educate a number of well talented students only to coerce them to return to their country of origin and compete against the US. Through the executive action by the President, the immigration system is set to enhance immigration of highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates (The White House).
In the past, skilled immigrants got temporary work visas. Only in cases where no American employees available to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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