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Assignment #2 & Discussions 1&2 - Essay Example

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In this section we are going to discussed the best action to take with respect to this dilemma; “the families of the children in your…
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Assignment #2 & Discussions 1&2
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Download file to see previous pages is important to note that while actions taken by an early childhood educator can lead to positive outcomes for families and their children, they can also harm them.
The action I would take in this situation is to provide the developmentally appropriate hands-on activities as I have been trained. This is because this ethical dilemma involves ethical responsibility. Feeney & Freeman (2012) defines ethical responsibility as the duty to follow a morally correct path. In this case scenario, I feel the highest sense of ethical responsibility to the young children I teach and their families. It is important to note that childhood is vital, valuable and unique stage in the cycle of human life.
My paramount ethical responsibility in this dilemma is to provide care and education in an environment and settings that are nurturing, safe, responsive and healthy for each and every child. I have a responsibility to support the development of a child and learning while respecting their individual differences. I have a responsibility to assist children to learn, play, and socialize cooperatively. I also have a responsibility to promote children’s self-awareness, resiliency, competence, physical well-being and self worth. I cannot achieve this by teaching academic skills to 4-year olds using large groups, primarily lecture and drill methods.
Families play a vital and primary importance role in the development of a child. According to Feeney & Freeman (2012), the families and childhood educators have common interests in promoting the wellbeing of a child. Code of ethical conduct requires early childhood to exercise they primary responsibility to bring about communication, collaboration and cooperation between early childhood programs and home so as to enhance the child’s development. In this respect, after making the decision I made based on the ethical responsibility I have for children I teach, I will inform their families why it is important to do so.
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Assignment #2 & Discussions 1&2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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