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Edwards Deming as one of the pioneers of total quality management believed that employees had nothing to do with the quality; he instead insisted that it is the problem of the management. Edwards made it clear by letting it known that for any achievement, quality of the process…
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Quality Pioneers Quality pioneers Part1 Edwards Deming as one of the pioneers of total quality management believed that employees had nothing to do with the quality; he instead insisted that it is the problem of the management. Edwards made it clear by letting it known that for any achievement, quality of the process required proper management. He developed statistical control techniques that defined the need for managers to involve themselves in the production process. His ideas have grown beyond nations, and he remains vital for the role he played on shaping quality of services (Schulmeyer, 2008). Edwards was the symbol of quality, he always insisted on the quality way of doing things more on the roots. He believed in the principal of putting efforts on the production part rather than concentrating on making profit.
The fitness for use theory proposed by Joseph Juran has been embraced all over the globe. Joseph insisted on meeting the customers expectations in terms of quality and explained the advantages of the product meeting or even exceeding their expectations. Being a prolific author, Joseph emphasized on customer satisfaction and shifted his focus on technical and management level. He believed in three principals, quality of planning, controlling, and improvement (K. Heldman & M. Heldman, 2007). Joseph made greater contributions in shaping the business world; he is seen as a mentor to many. His principals of ensuring the quality and customer satisfaction has made it easy for organizations to embrace his theory (Bou, and Beltran, 2005)
Philip Crosby who tolerated the zero defects theory. For this to be achieved he proposed that the prevention is more important than anything is, so there must be a balance at the start of the project for quality results. He strongly believed it was wiser and cheaper to meet quality standards rather than redoing the process again. The zero defects in accordance with his book Quality free says that it must be planned (K. Heldman & M. Heldman, 2007). Researchers have found it necessary to appreciate the role he played in shaping the economic factors. Philip in his writings insisted on the need of serving the interests of customers first before that of the organization (IFLA Satellite Meeting, Savard , International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, 2002).

Professionalism in the field of business economy must be guided by ethics. This means that each organization has to follow certain rules for its growth. The theories have raised more confusion as compared to solutions. This is because some organizations have embraced them fully resulting to improved performance as opposed to others that have failed totally. Researchers have found it necessary to opt to other means to solve this arising crisis in these theories. In this case, many have doubted the credibility of these theories terming them as failure, however; they still apply them in their day-to-day business dealings (Schulmeyer, 2008).
Researchers have come up with ways and methods in order to create a balance between customers and organizations. The theories work in organizations. One needs to be more careful on how he presents and treats the employees, by motivating them and taking them to seminars to learn the need of ensuring customers satisfaction (Goetsch & Davis, 2006). This helps in showing that one cares for their wellbeing rather than concentrating on organizational growth. It feels great for any employer to have loyal employees, and it is even more fulfilling to have the loyal customers. Success can be achieved by treating all stakeholders with absolute respect (K. Heldman & M. Heldman, 2007).
Researchers have proved that improvement is a continuous process (Bou & Beltran, 2005). For this case, Edwards, Joseph and Philip theories about total quality management have influenced development of organizations and have changed the way things work. Despite the challenges, they have provided the facts that are more useful at present, and they will apply in the future.
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