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Teaching music to Children in a General Education Classroom - Essay Example

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This paper will show the ways of teaching young students music using cognitive developmental theory and analyze how it improve general intelligence in future…
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Teaching music to Children in a General Education Classroom
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Download file to see previous pages According to Joanne, (2), the cognitive developmental theory is fundamental in understanding how minds make logic of music as it is heard. Some of the goals include imparting formal and intuitive knowledge. Joanne, (2), argues that, a teacher is supposed to learn significantly during the music experiments. The cognitive theory is fundamental in helping the teacher to succeed in balancing the mismatch of assumptions between a student and a teacher. Similarly, the cognitive theory enables a teacher to acknowledge the children’s formal and informal ways of understanding. Another goal that a teacher can achieve by applying the cognitive theory is the ability to use the children’s descriptions as vital evidence in understanding their musical development (Joanne, 4). Equally, the theory enables teachers to draw conclusions from the children’s oral drawings, imagery and spatial ordering of such things like bells to disclose the clandestine and interior nature of inner inquiry and approximating an indisputable knowledge of musical development....
I agree with his theory Jon Dewey believed that, children be encouraged to develop free personalities and taught on how to think and make judgments. I agree with this theory Maria, Montessori believed in individualized education. I agree with this theory John Holt, the pioneer and advocate for Home Education. Holt believed that children study best when; they are allowed to pursue their own interests rather than imposing learning on them. I agree with this theory. Marie Clay, the pioneer of Balanced Literacy Model and Reading Recovery. Marie believed the reading recovery component served well in lifting the low achievers. I agree with this theory. Jerome Bruner, the pioneer of discovery theory. Bruner discovered psychology and embraced a constructivist approach. Bruner believed that the discovery theory based on the assumption that a child learns and remembers better, what he/she discovers. Conversely, Bruner believed that, the children are able to recall new information if they associate it to something they already understand. I agree with his theory. Howard Gardener, the pioneer of multiple intelligence theory. Gardener believed that children developed diverse aspects of intelligence. I agree with this theory (Joanne, 6). John Holt’s theory of advocating for Home Education best fits my interests and a fully align to it. Choose two instruments on pages 16-19 that you would like to share with your children. Name the instruments. Describe the instruments. Describe how the instruments are played? How will you use the instruments with your children? 1. Jingle Bells A bell is a musical instrument that produces different sounds when played. A bell is played by using a stick or a small metal rod or shaking. The instrument can be used to teach the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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