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Terrorism, its Causes and Responses - Essay Example

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In the research paper “Terrorism, its Causes and Responses” the author attempts to define terrorism as the criminal actions aimed at provoking the state of terror in the public, groups of people or certain persons for unjustifiable political reasons…
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Terrorism, its Causes and Responses
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Extract of sample "Terrorism, its Causes and Responses"

Download file to see previous pages The United Nations General Assembly attempts to define terrorism as criminal actions aimed at provoking the state of terror in the public, groups of people or certain persons for unjustifiable political reasons. Such actions are intolerable and are termed terrorism despite the ideologies, religious considerations, philosophical or political reasons that might be brought forth as justification. characteristically acts of terrorism are politically motivated, violent in nature, calculated to instigate psychological fear, are advanced by organizations with clear conspiratorial command chains which are identifiable and the perpetrators and entities which are non-state. Terrorists generally exploit the media to achieve much publicity as possible and amplify their influence on the audience of the target. The objective is for the effects to be felt by an audience that goes beyond the immediate subject being targeted.
Terrorism can take the type of either domestic terrorism if conducted within the confines of national borders or international terrorism is conducted by groups that are able to exert their effects beyond borders of nations. Terrorism can also take the form of Civil Disorder in which violence is utilized in order to disrupt the security & peace as well as the normal community functioning. Political terrorism on the other takes the form of violence and criminal mannerisms aimed at generating fear in an entire community or a significant part of the community in order to advance political interests. There is also Limited Political Terrorism which involves terror acts conducted out of political and ideological motivations but not aimed at gaining state control.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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