CULTURAL PROPERTY, ETHICS AND LAW:Stolen and illegally exported items of arts - Essay Example

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As being ancient, they attract the attention of artifact collectors belonging to diverse regions throughout the globe. Artefacts have always been considered as a sign of…
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CULTURAL PROPERTY, ETHICS AND LAW:Stolen and illegally exported items of arts
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Download file to see previous pages In this context, smuggling refers to the unauthorised transfer of artefacts and historically significant monuments from one nation to another or between geographic locations. Being highly valuable, the illegal smuggling of these artifacts has taken the shape of a profitable business throughout the globe, causing considerable amount of damage to cultural and traditional asset reserves of the nations. It also causes huge amount of financial losses to the government of a nation. Over the past few years, multiple incidents of unauthorised looting and vandalism within the archaeological dig sites have come to the governmental notice. Understanding the gravity of the situation, governments within multiple nations appears to have imposed various laws regarding illegal smuggling of archaeological monuments and remains from one geographic location to other. Taking these aspects into consideration, this discussion will focus towards evaluating a case of illegal stealing and export of archaeological artifacts against the legal and ethical constraints that are set up by the government so as to find out whether they can be held accountable from any perspective or not. The details regarding these aspects have been provided in the later part of the discussion.
The procedures of artefact smuggling might take multiple forms. These may entail illegal theft as well as vandalism from the archaeological dig sites and thievery from governmental museums or through the help of licensed artefact dealers. However, the international transfer of these stolen artefacts gradually occurs across those border areas wherein the level of security and observations are minimum. For the provided content, one of artifacts dealer named “Subhash Kapoor” was accused for illegally smuggling Indian artifacts to Australia has been taken into concern. The smuggled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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