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This brought about the disbanding of the USSR, and the emergence of Russia as an independent nation that underwent a rapid transition from communism to capitalism. This was the…
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Personal Statement for international relations course
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Personal ment for International Relations of the of the Personal ment for International Relations Course
In the 1980s, Mikhail Gorbachev introduced the policies of glasnost and perestroika (Gorbachev, 2013). This brought about the disbanding of the USSR, and the emergence of Russia as an independent nation that underwent a rapid transition from communism to capitalism. This was the situation prevalent in my motherland at the time of my birth.
Russia’s competence in international relations is dismal. Furthermore, several individuals contend that the development and prosperity of Russia does not require collaboration with or help from other countries. This is a very dangerous and illogical path to tread. It is my considered opinion that Russia has to perforce work with the comity of nations as a team member. The world is now more or less globalised, and no nation can afford to ignore the claims of international relations.
It has been acknowledged that the people of my generation have to come forth and shoulder the onerous task of improving international relations. This is a sine qua non, and failure to do so will ensure the isolation of Russia within a short span of 10 years. The unswerving objective to embark upon this course is my primary motivator in life.
In school, I became an acknowledged leader, as evidenced by my being offered the post of a prefect, within a year of my joining school. This served to render me more responsible, reliable and patient. I assiduously studied Economics, History, Mathematics and Politics, which enhanced my analytical and writing skills substantially. This enabled me to participate in the Royal Economic Society Competition of 2014, which demands superlative analytical and writing skills. My essay was titled “Is Independence Consistent with Scotland Keeping the Pound?”
Moreover, I am experienced in international relations due to my tenure in a law firm located in China. This firm is one of the best in China, in the area of international conflicts. Consequently, I became an adept in international relations. Thus, I have become familiar with Chinese law, international law, and the reasons behind the emergence of disputes between nations.
My Russian origin and employment in China made me proficient in several languages. As a result, I can research and analyse information from diverse sources and in different languages. Furthermore, this expertise has significantly improved my capacity to solve problems, evaluate arguments and separate facts from redundant and irrelevant information.
My fairly considerable written and verbal skills have made me competent in presenting and discussing my opinions in seminars and essays. In addition, I have been exposed to different cultures and political systems. This has enhanced my capacity to comprehend complex cultural and political issues especially in environments that are subject to change.
Russia’s comparative inexperience in international affairs has resulted in several problems. The Russian middle class was virtually destroyed economically, and the populace underwent much greater suffering under capitalism in comparison to communism. As such, Russia witnessed a decline with the advent of capitalism (Stiglitz, 2003). Novel ideas and strategies are necessary to improve conditions in Russia. It is my primary goal to alleviate these problems. Thus, my studies, extracurricular activities, and employment have been principally determined by this all consuming passion.
I have always been keenly interested in pursuing a meaningful career in international relations, as my inborn traits and experience could prove to be of great use to my nation. This requires graduation in international relations from a reputed university. So I am convinced that mastering international relations necessitates a firm theoretical grounding. Consequently, I am extremely keen to pursue a course of study in international relations at your highly esteemed institution.
Gorbachev, M. (2013). Gorbachev: On my country and the world. New York: Columbia University Press.
Stiglitz, J. E. (2003). Globalization and Its discontents. New York: W.W. Norton. Read More
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