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However, every president needs and requires political scientist to make a success bid and running of the presidency. The decision that matters to a presidential…
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Why does the President need political scientists? Political scientist is most of the time ignored by the mainstream politician and the media in focus of economist. However, every president needs and requires political scientist to make a success bid and running of the presidency. The decision that matters to a presidential candidate and the president requires experts who understand the needs of the electorate while at the same time balancing on the needs of the majority that the support such a government. Therefore, though a president requires experts in the different departments he needs to balance the needs of the country and that of his interest group. Political science, therefore, guide on how to address political situations such as sharing of national resources to avoid disputes and dangers of conflicts groups.
According to Nelson (2014), politics is the science of ‘who gets what, when and how’ (Nelson). The president has therefore a choice to appoint political scientist to help him address the struggle that exist in budgeting, military stand points and in international powers brokering in a countries interest. Political scientist has the knowhow to address region and international politics. The issue of energy crisis for example requires the understanding of energy producing country policies to better sigh cost effective and long lasting political, economic and social ties.
How likely is it that presidents would have a political scientist on staff? Explain
A president who is keen on keeping a high rating on his performance and always a delight on his electorate would have a political scientists as his staff. Political scientists ensure that the policies pursued by his president are that that addresses people’s needs Vis a Vis others interests (Nelson). For example, President Obama is keen on addressing the immigration problem in the United States because it is at the heart of his electoral college. Majority of the people that voted for him were hopeful that he would address their needs while he is the president. Therefore, a political scientist has a priority to roll out immigrations policies more than any other academician.
In contrast, if the president were to hire an economist or an environmentalist as his staff he would suffer from political unrest and poor rating because these experts is best in addressing problem disregarding political effects. Economist answers economic problem touching on every American while a political scientist would have a different view of the same as he or she would be weighing the benefit of economic policies on the needs of the president political strengths.
What are the down-sides to having a political scientist on staff?
A political scientist on staff run the government on the risk of poor performance (Nelson). The productivity of a political scientist is always minimal compared to the use of expert as staff on the presidency. One of the problem of having political scientists as staff is that they error in guiding the president on the correct and essential policies to implement. Political scientist manipulate policies for political expedience and are more interested in short term gains rather than long terms gains. A political scientist staff would be more willing to forgo a cut in government expenditure because it would ruin the operation of government in the period of the current president.
Works Cited
Nelson, Michael. The Presidency and Political System. Washington DC: SAGE Publication Inc, 2014. Print . Read More
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