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Block sox scandal - Essay Example

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The circumstances leading to the scandal was the winning of the series by the Cincinnati Reds over the Chicago White Sox. The results of the game are said to have been…
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Block sox scandal
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the eight players were banned from professional baseball (Maas).
The events that led to the conspiracy have traces that lead to the club house. The proprietor of the Chicago white sox baseball club, Charles Comiskey, is depicted as a person who had issues in the financial dealings with the players thus more dislikes from all stakeholders in the club. The owner took advantage of the MLB clause of reserve that made it clear for every player to accept any remuneration that is given any player otherwise could not play for any other major team unless the contract ends and subsequent transfer results. The owner also made a fortune since the club was one of the major clubs then and on top of the series (Peter).
In addition to the underpayments made to the players, the team had two divisions that were not legal in the genuine structure of the team. One of the side later on known as the Clean Sox went to the extent that mere communication with the other partition of the team was not possible.
The conspiracys exposure was by the third baseman known as George Weaver commonly known as Buck. The baseman did not comply with the plan and later on went against the persons taking part and went on to play for the team. The player also experienced punishment under the fact that he never spoke about the conspiracy.
Rumors of leaking in the series were already spreading prior to the particular season. However, the propaganda was popular especially among the gamblers. After some time, the rumors spread to the press courtesy of some communicators. On the contrary, the gamblers continued to place their bets on the ongoing games regardless of the rampant anecdotes. Most importantly, most of the fans took the results that each game gave as legit and thus the rumors to them were just false propaganda. Thus, even after the game between Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds, no claims had been put forward that the game was a conspiracy. In other words, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Block Sox Scandal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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